Addiction Recovery

Boundaries – All Areas

Lesson 19

It’s time to decide what level of boundaries for many areas in your life you will maintain. For me it is helpful to view boundaries as a force field around me that protects my core self. Others like to think of boundaries as a flat area, connected to a steep slope leading to an endless pit. The idea being you want to be as far away from the slope and pit as possible. So they label each boundary with each section of the image. Boundaries at the top are labeled safe / good, on the slope labeled risky, and in the pit labeled, relapse. 

So it does not really matter if you write your boundaries out in layers or labels, but it does matter you recognize where you are at your best (and what keeps you there), where you are not at your best headed towards worse, and when you have completely lost yourself. 

Remember, it's a trial and error thing to understand where all these boundaries fit in protecting your core self. It also takes effort and humility to decide what level of boundary you must implement (Abstain, high boundary, low boundary) will work for each area of your life.

Use these prompts to see what areas you might like some protection in. I listed them because I found I needed boundaries in all these aspects of my life in order to protect my core self.

It's now time to write out boundaries for multiple life areas. If you want, you can also separate your boundaries into the 3 layers / areas or not.

Pit / Bottom Lines




Flat area


Additional Resources

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