Addiction Recovery

Are You Ready To Recover?

Lesson 3

I'm a porn and sex addict. And I am living in recovery free from sexually addictive and destructive behaviors. It's a miracle in my life that I wish to shout from the roof tops.

It's clear that I am an addict, I tried to stop and couldn't for most of my 30+ years of life.

But now I'm living a rich full life free of acting out in destructive ways now. I know you likely don't believe you can too recover but I'm here to tell you, you can. The reason you failed in the past was not you. You are not more broken or different than the rest of of the world let alone other addicts. The reason you failed in the past was your process for change was wrong, Let me help you choose a better process for change so you can prove to yourself and the world that you can be free from your addiction. It's time to learn from a guide / coach.

Everyone struggling with porn & sex addiction needs someone that understands and gets them and is further along in recovery than they are. A guide that isn't motivated by money but motivated by the joy it brings to see his fellow sufferer overcome as he as.

Over the next 30 days we need to get to know each other so I can get you, and you can get me. And together you can choose the path forward with the best chance for recovery from porn and sex addiction possible. 

Are you ready?

Do you have what it takes? Really all you have to do is what it takes. You and God always had what it takes minus a roadmap and your best efforts until now. 

Recovery should feel like this Creed video montage, mostly it's you getting your butt whooped and eventually progress towards being stronger and doing hard things. Expect to get knocked down and to get back up. Recovery is a life long practice. But the biggest challenge is being ready and remembering your why of recovery.

<Warning> Going it Alone

Working the program without a sponsor denies the principle of the Third Step. We demonstrate our sincerity and willingness to work this program of recovery by taking direction from a sponsor as we work the Steps. The “self- searching, the leveling of our pride” experienced in Step One helps make this possible (AA 25). We form a relationship with our sponsor, which means making a commitment to attending recovery meetings, working the Steps, and getting together regularly to review our Step work. - Step Into Action Step 3 Chapter

What I expect from my sponsees over the next 30 days:

  • Daily phone call conversation for 5 minutes or more.
  • Daily reading of approved SAL 12 Step recovery materials (Start in the White book and then onto Step into Action).
  • Go to as many SAL meetings as you need weekly.
  • Always communicate what is working and what is not working in the relationship for you.

If you do well in this 30 day period you will do well with what comes next.

What comes next is we can now build on top of this baseline of connection and education. You see in that 30 days you have made a good habit of communication, study of recovery education and attending meetings. We can then start working the 12 steps and building out your own pathway to recovery together. In fact, we will actually form and sign a sponsee / sponsor agreement then.

If you don't do well during the 30 day period, it's okay to move onto a different sponsor.

Action Items

  • Continue to making a plan to read step study material daily and a phone call to your sponsor daily.
  • You must prioritize going to recovery meetings in person and if not available, online. You must schedule it on your calendar. How will you schedule your recovery meeting attendance?

Next Up

Next I go into details about what I do / offer as a sponsor.

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