Addiction Recovery

Daily Study & Phone Call

Lesson 2

...it was our best thinking that brought us to this place (Addicted and often hopeless)! In recovery, we saw that self-knowledge and intellect were overrated when it came to overcoming our addiction. A sponsor provided guidance, support, and accountability. Working with a sponsor helped us prepare ourselves for the rigorous honesty required... (to recover) - Step Into Action Step 3 Chapter

Practice Recovery Daily

"Many of us are daunted by the prospect (Of doing step work especially 4 and 8). Therefore, we benefited from regularly scheduled periods (of doing step work) ––daily if possible. Five or ten minutes each day was far better than longer periods once or twice a month. We needed to practice recovery every day, and this was the best way to move through Step Four. Thus, we were encouraged by our progress."

<Warning> Procrastination

"It is possible to find many reasons to procrastinate on (doing Step) work, but we found that delay thwarted our spiritual growth and created an opportunity for relapse."

A note from Jason: I have found  when it comes to sobriety and recovery that I only move in 2 directions, forward or backwards. If I take a vacation from recovery work I inevitably relapse. Now I never take a break from recovery work. Daily is what it takes for me to feel I'm making progress. It's a life style shift or a habit change.

Action Items

Over the next 30 days you are going to practice the habits of making a call to your sponsor and doing step work. These 2 habits are critical to your long term recovery.

You must schedule daily recovery work on your calendar and prioritize it. How will you schedule daily recovery work? (Recovery works constitutes reading or doing 12 step work. We start in the Sex Alcoholic White Book and then onto Step Into Action)

You must schedule daily a phone call with your sponsor on your calendar and prioritize it. How will your daily phone call? 


- Quotes came from "Step Into Action" Step 4 Chapter

Next up

I go into more detail about what else I expect as your sponsor. 

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