Addiction Recovery

Who Are You Doing This For?

Lesson 5

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What matters is doing it for yourself and doing your best. Doing it for someone else hasn't worked for me. I must do it for me, I must love myself to come to my own aid always. 

Learn from failure

I have found I constantly have to revisit my why, why am I choosing to live in recovery. When it gets hard and when I failed, I often learned the most about my why for recovery. I learned that I was doing something only for someone else, or I lost track of why I was doing recovery for myself. I failed to remember what was at stake, I failed to act with courage, I failed to accept reality regardless of how hard it was, I failed to marshal all my allies, to use all my resources and creativity to play the hand I was dealt differently. Failure taught me what didn't work and so it taught me what it would take to become a recovery champion. 

I have a handful of recovery chips with various lengths of sobriety. I wasn't born succeeding at sobriety with an unbroken chain of success. 

You must remember your why

You must remember failing is only permanent when you choose not to learn the lesions life gives you. We have a phrase in recover, "willing to go to any lengths", to achieve sobriety and keep it. And, "half measures availed us nothing". If you want to succeed you must give it your all and learn from your mistakes. 

You'll know you are succeeding when your motivations are right, your actions follow with what you want, and you when you stop repeating the mistakes of the past. This is how to measure recovery, how it was then vs how it is now. 

This is the new perspective you must hold onto and remember your why while you learn from your mistakes.

Action Item

  • Write our your why of recovery, refine it if you have already written it out.
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