Addiction Recovery


Lesson 9

If I was your sponsor I would go over this right away with you. Boundaries creation has been an essential skill to learn, I did not have this skill prior to recovery.


Boundaries are simply admitting what doesn’t work for you in your addiction as well as what does work in your lifestyle to support your best self.

I will never set your boundaries for you.

It is helpful for you to maintain and share a list of your boundaries so I can support you and help you stay accountable about holding your boundaries. 

Remember boundaries are not just the things that keep you in your addiction (What doesn’t work) but can also be positive things (what does work) that help you maintain your sobriety. 

What boundaries will you maintain (What works or what doesn’t) for you?


Additional Resources

“Appropriate Boundaries and Bottom Lines” - Page 113 in the SAL Recovering Individuals, Healing Families (Teal Book)

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