Addiction Recovery

Boundaries – Hign & Low

Lesson 16

Find out what works for you

You get to decide your boundaries, I can only help you point out what is not working, point out the patterns that are repeating and guide you towards setting your own boundaries. You just have to learn what works for you through trial and error.

Here are examples of lite boundaries and very high boundaries. You can always choose to start with high boundaries and over time move down to lite boundaries. Or you can try a lite boundary and switch to a high boundary should you relapse in relation to a boundary not working.

Some things you must cut out completely out of your life, you will never succeed with any level of boundary. For me, violent video games and movies had to go. My mind could not distinguish real and unreal and it affected me profoundly.

I got to hear the author of Dopamine Nation present and it was interesting to hear her approach to helping people even with something as simple as social media. She always started people with a 30 - 90 day fast from social media. Many wanted to use social media but eventually found it was to addictive but were only willing to come to the conclusion after trying multiple times.  

You will find some things need some level of boundaries to succeed. So be sure to accelerate up to higher boundaries if you aren’t staying emotionally regulated or losing sobriety.

For me, I was able to relax a few of the boundaries a little after getting years of sobriety because I found they effected me less now that my brain had changed.

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