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Take The Journey

Lesson 21

I just wanted to share my thoughts intermingled with my notes from this video, "Master Shi Heng Yi – 5 hindrances to self-mastery TEDx".


It is impossible to share/convey experiences and the clarity gained that only comes from going on the journey. Although you can say the words, and what you learned you can't give that as a gift to someone else, they must go on the journey and gain their own clarity of purpose. They must learn what is best in their life and what is holding them back from success so they can address the issue and move though it. And often your state of mind must be seen in order to move forward.

Detailed notes

There are 2 people in life. Those that accept the challenges and meet them head on, taking the journey and gaining the perspective and clarity, and those that do not. The clarity often comes in self mastery and what choices are Good, Better, Best (High, Higher, Highest). This clarity will help you make the best decisions to move forward with a degree of confidence. 

Expect challenges. Expect it to be hard and challenges and to grow from this challenge.

The 5 states of mind that hinder your progress (road blocks) are:

  1. Sensual Desire / Positive Emotions
  2. Ill will / Negative Emotions
  3. Dullness / Heaviness / Sleepiness / No motivation / Lack of Energy / Depression / Prison
  4. Restlessness / Mind can’t settle in the present moment / Anxiety
  5. Skeptical Doubt / Indecisiveness

1) Sensual Desire
Comes from positive emotions
Pay attention to: Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling
Focus on something making a positive emotion inside myself through the senses (see, hear, smell, taste, feeling) = trapped by this positive emotion I don't want to leave
Never wanting to leave = obsession (remaining = no clarity and trapped)

Example: Lovely restaurant at the bottom of the mountain

2) Ill will
Comes from negative emotions.
/ Aversion / rejection or dislike (object, situation or person).

Example: Hard to climb when: rain, bumpy, swim... and you don't like to do those things / don't want to do these things. Regardless it will not make it a pleasant journey if you hold onto this ill will. You must let go of the ill will. Let go of those things you can't control.

3) Dullness / Heaviness / Sleepiness / No motivation / Lack of Energy / Depression / Prison
Hard to make mental or physical effort.
Find a way to escape the cell.
Modeled by lack of energy / motivation.
Will take physical effort and will power to find a way out.

Example: Getting sick and tired on the journey. 

4) Restlessness / Mind can’t settle in the present moment
Be in the present
Worry (Focused on the future or rejecting/judging past) AKA Monkey Mind
Jumping thoughts, can’t stay present
No time to see clearly anymore

5) Skeptical Doubt
Indecisiveness, can't decide what to do.
Can I do this.
Modeled by lost in thought or planning and ultimately staying stuck.
Disconnected with goals and aspirations.
To much doubts.
What ifs, second guessing, worry about what others think, over thinking.
Disconnected with your path.

Example: Lost reading the map and picking a path.

Often it takes restructuring your life to avoid and prevent and get out of these 5 hindrances as they arive on your life's journey.

Let it be AKA Let it rain. This is how to remove the 5 hindrances:

  • Recognize state of the mind
  • Accept / acknowledge allow it is how it is, how they are
  • Investigate - Be curious about your emotional state / investigate (ask questions: why did it come up, Play it out what if I remain this way (weight the consequences: good and bad)
  • Recognize / identify your thoughts, feelings and emotions and the hinderances. Then practice mindfulness (I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the emotion, I can see all 3 aspects about me). Learn to master yourself and don’t let these 5 reasons stop you. Start and go all the way to the top of the mountains you choose to climb.

Don’t be a copy of someone else. Bring meaning and value in your life, learn to master yourself, choose to climb to clarity, meet us at the peak.

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