Addiction Recovery

Levels of Care / Treatment

Lesson 3 Module 1

Since no addict can heal or thrive in isolation it is important to work with a specialist therapist in addiction to any 12 step or other resources.

Level of Care or Treatment

The lowest level of care that seems to work for addicts is, “Therapy with a therapist that specializes in (Your addiction specifically weekly)” - Newcomer Orientation Script

SAL makes it clear that working the 12 steps and having a sponsor is crucial but complementary to having a certified C-Cat or ABSATS certified sex addiction Therapist.  - Source: PG 108 in the SAL Recovering Individuals, Healing Families (Teal book) 

I have my sponsees add to their list of boundaries list what level of care they want to maintain.

Type x in the brackets when done.


Wifes are also recommended to get counseling for betrayal trauma (A condition living with an addict has caused them) preferably from a counselor specializing in the specific addiction weekly. And to seek support and community to work the women's SAL 12 step program or many join S-Anon. There are many meeting options.

If your current level of care is not at the level you need or want, then be sure to take action steps to get the care you need, because you are worth saving. 

I first learned of different levels of care from the wandering therapist. Here are the 4 he taught me.

And as the wandering therapist says and I paraphrase, we don't just give up on people, we help them step up their level of treatment.

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