Money Resources

Enjoy the 8 free money resources everyone should know about.

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps

I love the simplicity and accuracy of the baby steps. We all need a solid road map. I prefer the free LDS expanded road map which I compare between the Dave and it here.

I know it is wrong to compare ourselves to others financially but I do love Dave's stats and percentages he gives. For instance he shares spend 25% or less of your income on housing and 15% or more on investments. Of course keep this in context of the steps but still good general guide lines. I do disagree a bit with Dave so be sure to listen to the compare podcast episode. 

1-Page Money Plan

A friend of mine put me onto the idea of a 1-page personal finance plan. I loved it so much I created a free sheet with 9 simple sections to put your own goals in. When I meet with coaching students they love this simple approach which is more manageable when making a financial plan. For a limited time, I'm offering highly discounted 1-hour clarity calls. Together we go over the road map and set goals in the 1-page plan together. I'm getting really good feedback.

Your Money Or Your Life

Okay despite not being very focused on my environmental impact, I loved the updated book, "Your Money Or Your Life". In many ways I liked it more than Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover. 

Source: The Simple Dollar

What I loved most about this book is this concept of charting the big 3 (Income, Expenses, Investment income/return). When done right you eventually cross over with more income from your money making money than you working AKA financial freedom, In the book she also measures the gap between income and expenses as savings (and in my mind what you can also use to fuel your emergency fund, vacations, investments...). The only thing I think this chart is missing is the debt line. Remember what gets measured gets managed and improves more often.

Spending Plan & Weekly Meetings

Most millionaires make a spending plan and keep to it (AKA budget). I cover some great options by hand and by software to simplify this step in your life.  Listen to the podcast on tracking your spending and budgeting

Those that succeed where other fail at budgeting meet weekly with their partners and adjust as they go.

Groups & Support

In my opinion you need to go through a personal fiance course  with your partner (free) by the Church of Jesus Chris of Later-Day Saints or (paid) Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. If taking the church course just contact your local church leaders for details of the next session.

Money for Average Joe's Podcast is meant to support and go deeper on the core money education resources then any groups out there.

I've found even after a finance course you need support and help ongoing. I've been working on a private group of like minded people to support. Email me at jason@moneyforaveragejoes.com asking for access.

Ongoing Education

Two Cents produces the best FIRE movement education period.

Money for Average Joe's Podcast is meant to support and go deeper on the core money education resources then any groups out there.

I designed a 9 Principles of money course to help people get up to speed on 90% of what they need to be successful with money. It hopeful is a fun way that goes along with the podcast to learn personal finance and have more money for when it matters most. 

Experts For Specific Problems

A word of caution, anyone taking a percentage of your investments is giving biased advice. Better to do some research yourself and if needed pay a 1 time fee for advice. There are also experts in every field from car buying to insurance to investing and more. I loved the Richest Man In Babylon book because it drove home the importance of seeking out advice from experts by topic especially in investing. There are generalists coaches like myself (not certified or regulated like others are) Financial Planners (from life to death counseling), Financial Advisers (usually just about investing). 

Here is a list of some of my go to experts.

Investing - David Stein's podcast - Money For The Rest of Us

Meal Planning & At Home Reselling - Lauren Greutman

Every Day Home Savings & Motivation - Avery Breyer

Side Hustles - Chirs Guillebeau podcast - Side Hustle School

Comparing Insurance -  Simply Insurance

Financial Advice by Topic - Dave Ramsey Radio Show

Do you have a favorite expert or financial advice source? If so share them in the comments and be sure to explain why. Did I miss any must have resources?

Bad With Money Spotify Playlist

Because sometimes you need to just feel like you are better with money than others. Here is a playlist of all the worst ways to use money in song form. Let me know if you would like others added in.